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Share of Local Voice (SoLV) Explained

Standing out in a crowded marketplace requires a strategic approach, and understanding the Share of Local Voice (SoLV) is key to achieving local dominance when tracking using Geogrids.

So, what exactly is the Share of Local Voice?

Simply put, SoLV measures the percentage of a given GeoGrid that contains a top ranking on the Map Platform. The percentage of nodes having ranks equal to 3 or less.

By taking the count of all nodes in the GeoGrid which are ranking in the top 3 positions, and dividing by the sum of all nodes in the GeoGrid, we arrive at the decimal form of the SoLV.

Working towards a 100% SoLV would be the typical goal, meaning that in decimal form, you would be working towards a value of 1 to completely cover a geogrid with a top 3 ranking. (Depending on the size that you selected, this may or may not be possible. We recommend expanding the size of the GeoGrid that you are tracking as there is often more helpful info gathered from being able to see how the outer edges of the radius of visibility move.)

SoLV and its Importance For Businesses That Are Using Geogrids to Track Their Visibility

Since most local-service type queries prompt a Map Pack of the top 3 ranked businesses, SoLV is specifically set to account for the percentage of the geogrid nodes which are within the top 3 positions when searched from their respective node on the map.

Tracking your SoLV across a timeline of an SEO campaign will show you how well you have progressed the local rankings of a business. More so, to the degree of which they are being served directly to their target audience at the top of SERPs.

Understanding local search performance across different geographic regions is imperative for local businesses.

SoLV measures your percentage of the online conversation surrounding your industry within a specific location. This includes online reviews, social media mentions, and overall online presence. A higher SoLV in geogrid areas translates to greater local visibility and trust.

Engaging actively with your online presence through reviews, social media, and local content creation can boost your SoLV within targeted geogrid zones. This amplifies your visibility within your local market, leading to increased local search ranking, customer trust, and ultimately, local business growth.

Improving Local Search Visibility Through Effective SEO Strategies

Local visibility on the Google Maps platform is vital for attracting nearby customers. Effective SEO strategies are your key to unlocking local search dominance. Examples of how to boost your local presence (SoLV):

Optimize your Google My Business/Google Business Profile

Ensure accurate information, high-quality photos, and timely responses to reviews build trust and improve search rankings. Read our full checklist here.

Claim and manage online directories

Ensure consistent business information across directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and local listings, improving search engine recognition.

Build local or relevant links

Collaborate with local websites and online publications to acquire backlinks, boosting your website’s authority and local relevance.